Training with Tildy. 


Family stretch time
**I use the term training loosely!

I’ve just started getting back into semi-regular training with Matilda in tow. 

It’s slow going that’s for sure. But I’m enjoying it much more than I thought I would!

I’ve got my sights set on the Mudgee Half Marathon in August and maybe one other run prior to this if I can get my shit together! 

I don’t think Tildy will be joining me on the run – I think 2 hours in the pram would see her screaming like a banshee! 

It might make be pick up the pace a little though…!


We made it to 5km!
I remember when we were looking at prams I said to Nate let’s get a running pram even though I know I’ll try once and probably hate it. 

I imagined it to be like running with a backpack or something else just as awkward and annoying. 

Well, we reached 5.5km last week so it can’t be THAT bad!

It feels good to be slowly getting back into the swing of things. Matilda’s feeding is still pretty awful and her sleeping was shocking but it’s just started to improve, so it’s important that I have a release.

Pre-Tildy I would have scoffed at running anything less than 5km on a BAD day and was regularly disappointed in my pace. These days I’m stoked to get over 4km and pace is more out of curiosity than any sort of gauge…

It’s refreshing to have this perspective on training. I’m much more grateful just being able to get out of the house. It’s no longer feeling like I HAVE to exercise – I WANT to!

I have also realised how important it is for me to get out and about with Matilda. Having started training again, feels like I have a piece of my pre-Tildy self back and it feels nice. Anyone who has kids can tell you that your whole world is turned upside down when you have a baby, and it’s nice to start piecing together a new, modified version of myself!

I’ve also come to realise that by taking better care of me, I can take better care of Matilda. 

Since we’ve started running again, I’m finding myself eating a bit better, actually feeling like I have more energy and just a more positive outlook which are all super important. 

I know Matilda is too little to remember these days, but I like to think I am setting a good example for her and laying the foundations for her love of sport and exercise. 

I think the next addition will be a bike with a seat for Tildy! 



Race Week – Port mac 70.3!

It’s race week!


Well haven’t I just jumped on one hell of a roller coaster this week?! At the start of the week I was overcome with anxiety and nervous excitement. Up and down – waves of excitement followed by panic as I teetered on the edge of putting too much pressure on myself.

As the week has progressed, I have relaxed somewhat and feel like I am in a much better headspace! I am still riding a roller coaster of emotions however it’s more like riding The Beastie, not The Demon at Wonderland!

At the start of the week I was really stressing about times and how disappointed I would be if I didn’t get certain times for each leg. Then I realised that I have absolutely NO idea how I am going to fair in this race being my first 70.3 so I should probably just calm my farm and enjoy the ride.

I am going in blind – which means I am guaranteed a PB. If I want to race harder next time, I will adjust my training to suit and have a crack at those goals I set earlier in the week. But for now, I want to enjoy it all – reward myself for my hard work rather than berate myself for feeling like I haven’t done enough!

My race suit arrived on Tuesday and I got a proper bike fit too!

photo 5
The Meat Trays away shirts arrived this week too – I know what I will be sporting pre/post race!

Not ideal in race week but I ran out of time and have been getting really bad knee pain which I have never experienced before, so it had to be done.

I jumped on Sirius yesterday, and felt great. I am in a much better position and more aggressive too which hopefully means a bit more aero for a lot less effort!

Sirius is shining after a clean and service – I can’t wait to see how we go together on Sunday!

photo 2

All smiles after our 4000m swim!
All smiles after our 4000m swim!

Nate and I practiced transitions last night which also helped with the nerves.

We are so lucky to have a couple of The Meat Trays coming up to cheer us on (I cannot wait to hear you guys bring me home on the run – Lou, Lou and Brookie!!) along with most of my family.

I have scoured the internet looking for information on the Port Mac course, through my research I have found the following points of interest:

  • The ride is hilly (crap! A massive shout out to Russ Dawg for taking us through the Royal National Park – all of those hills will come in handy on Sunday!)
  • The road surface is terrible (double crap! Luckily, I am fairly experienced riding on a mix of lovely smooth hot mix and rough pot holey roads – so I am hoping it’s not as bad as it sounds)
  • The run course is generally flat (YES! I will be thanking the organisers on the run for this after 90km of hills on the bike!)
  • IT WILL BE FUN (running down that finish chute is apparently one of the most rewarding and emotional experiences and I am ready to lap it all up – there will be tears and hi-5’s!)


Wooh! Now a member of TA!
Wooh! Now a member of TA!

As I mentioned before, I have really tried to strip it back and take the pressure of myself in terms of “performance”. I am hoping for anything under the 6 hour mark, I think this is reasonable but again I am going in blind so I really don’t know how I will fair on the day but I am excited to test those limits!

Getting inspired by everyone racing at the ITC Club Tri on the weekend - I was BUSTING to race too!
Getting inspired by everyone racing at the ITC Club Tri on the weekend – I was BUSTING to race too!


…I am also looking forward to the beers afterwards!

Brickie xx

An ode to Nate Dawg.

As I write this, there is currently 15 days and 22 hours and 37 minutes until I  begin my journey to complete my first Half Ironman.

To say I am excited is an understatement, to say I am nervous doesn’t do it justice!

Looking at our wave start times and bib numbers fills me with fear and butterflies! EEEK!

Nate’s number is 322 and my number is 347 for anyone keen on tracking our progress throughout the day using the Ironman Athlete Tracker

Last week I was beginning to question if I was going to be ready to take on the race. I think this is a normal part of any preparation, there are going to be times when you question yourself “Have I done enough?”. It didn’t help that I was struck down by a strange illness last week and my glands ballooned! Luckily, I have made a full and speedy recovery and the time off training was probably just what my body (and mind) needed.

While resting, I got stuck into Chrissie Wellington’s book “A life without limits” which I highly recommend, for both triathletes and non-triathletes a like. She is one tough and amazing woman! I have been trying to channel some of her mental toughness in my training this week.

An interetsing and inspiring read.
An interetsing and inspiring read.

I had my first experience of the Magpie swooping season last weekend when I rode to Jamberoo and back and got swooped 4 times! It surprisingly wasn’t as bad as I had expected (due to the feeling of being somewhat protected by my helmet!), however I definitely provided passing drivers with some entertainment as I was riding and flailing my arms in an effort to shoo these Magpies off my back!

All smiles halfway through my solo Jamberoo loop!
All smiles halfway through my solo Jamberoo loop!

This was my longest solo ride to date and as much as I would have loved to share it with Nate, I came back feeling a strong sense of accomplishment having completed it on my own.

Nate didn’t accompany me on this ride because my little sister (below) was staying with us and he offered to stay and be there when Clare woke up and bring her down to the beach to meet when I was done so I could still get training in.

Clare with her first "Mocktail" (we told  her mum it was a cocktail)
Clare with her first “Mocktail” (we told her mum it was a cocktail)

Yep, he is most definitely a keeper!

Throughout this whole journey Nate has encouraged me, supported me, put up with my grumpiness and ridiculous amount of stressing over the logistics of fitting in training and I am so thankful for him.

I found this “Prayer” that I thought was amusing it sums it up nicely.

First, Endurance Gods: Thank you for the fine specimen I call my partner.

He is nice to look at.
And thank you for making him faster than me,
so that I may have a constant view of his firm rear end.

But you have led us to a 2013 schedule
with a combined total of six half-Ironmans, two Leadmans, and four Ironman races.
I beseech you for divine intervention.

Keep us safe when swimming, riding and running, Endurance Gods.
Guide us, protect us and let us not anger the motorists with their big SUVs,
so that we may return home in one piece every day.

Let him remember to wear his ID, for I am sure
he is sick of hearing me nag him about that.

May we remember to stay on top of the chores during peak training periods.
When we fail (and we will fail),
may the neighbors not call the city to complain about the overgrowth in our front yard.

Bless us with a bountiful harvest of gels and nutrition drinks.
And when he finishes the peanut butter,
grant him the wisdom to not put the empty jar back in the pantry for me to find after a 100-mile bike ride,
For I will not tolerate that. I will not.

Lead us away from hanger, but deliver us some pizza.

Should I choose to skip a 4 a.m. workout in favor of sleeping in,
break all the light switches in the house,
so that I may continue my slumber without the interruption of
his profanity-laced search for socks and iPods.

And should he decide to sleep in, too,
let me be aware of this rare event,
for I will cuddle the stuffing out of that man.

On race day,
when things start to get tough,
let him lap me when I need it most,
for a pat on the butt and a “good job, babe” is the best thing in the world.

That, and watching the view as he runs off ahead of me.
Mm-hmm, yes.

Amen to that.

You can find the original here:


Indeed – AMEN to that!


Brickie xx