Race Week – Port mac 70.3!

It’s race week!


Well haven’t I just jumped on one hell of a roller coaster this week?! At the start of the week I was overcome with anxiety and nervous excitement. Up and down – waves of excitement followed by panic as I teetered on the edge of putting too much pressure on myself.

As the week has progressed, I have relaxed somewhat and feel like I am in a much better headspace! I am still riding a roller coaster of emotions however it’s more like riding The Beastie, not The Demon at Wonderland!

At the start of the week I was really stressing about times and how disappointed I would be if I didn’t get certain times for each leg. Then I realised that I have absolutely NO idea how I am going to fair in this race being my first 70.3 so I should probably just calm my farm and enjoy the ride.

I am going in blind – which means I am guaranteed a PB. If I want to race harder next time, I will adjust my training to suit and have a crack at those goals I set earlier in the week. But for now, I want to enjoy it all – reward myself for my hard work rather than berate myself for feeling like I haven’t done enough!

My race suit arrived on Tuesday and I got a proper bike fit too!

photo 5
The Meat Trays away shirts arrived this week too – I know what I will be sporting pre/post race!

Not ideal in race week but I ran out of time and have been getting really bad knee pain which I have never experienced before, so it had to be done.

I jumped on Sirius yesterday, and felt great. I am in a much better position and more aggressive too which hopefully means a bit more aero for a lot less effort!

Sirius is shining after a clean and service – I can’t wait to see how we go together on Sunday!

photo 2

All smiles after our 4000m swim!
All smiles after our 4000m swim!

Nate and I practiced transitions last night which also helped with the nerves.

We are so lucky to have a couple of The Meat Trays coming up to cheer us on (I cannot wait to hear you guys bring me home on the run – Lou, Lou and Brookie!!) along with most of my family.

I have scoured the internet looking for information on the Port Mac course, through my research I have found the following points of interest:

  • The ride is hilly (crap! A massive shout out to Russ Dawg for taking us through the Royal National Park – all of those hills will come in handy on Sunday!)
  • The road surface is terrible (double crap! Luckily, I am fairly experienced riding on a mix of lovely smooth hot mix and rough pot holey roads – so I am hoping it’s not as bad as it sounds)
  • The run course is generally flat (YES! I will be thanking the organisers on the run for this after 90km of hills on the bike!)
  • IT WILL BE FUN (running down that finish chute is apparently one of the most rewarding and emotional experiences and I am ready to lap it all up – there will be tears and hi-5’s!)


Wooh! Now a member of TA!
Wooh! Now a member of TA!

As I mentioned before, I have really tried to strip it back and take the pressure of myself in terms of “performance”. I am hoping for anything under the 6 hour mark, I think this is reasonable but again I am going in blind so I really don’t know how I will fair on the day but I am excited to test those limits!

Getting inspired by everyone racing at the ITC Club Tri on the weekend - I was BUSTING to race too!
Getting inspired by everyone racing at the ITC Club Tri on the weekend – I was BUSTING to race too!


…I am also looking forward to the beers afterwards!

Brickie xx