Protein Balls.

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I’ve gone to the dark side…

After swearing off protein powder in a previous post I have crossed over into the world of protein powder.

I have TRIED to like protein powder but just found it disgusting and unnecessary. Until now…

Out of curiosity I entered my daily food intake into an app on my phone and realised not only was I not eating enough my protein intake was at a measly 11%. For the amount of training I am now doing this is not good enough!

Nate has been trying to get me to try his protein shakes for a while now and I have always turned my nose up at them or just having “a sip” and admitting they “tasted alright” (they taste better than alright!).

In order to try and eat more, and in particular protein I have added a protein shake (HAHA!) to my post workout meal. I have also been trying to get more protein in creative ways so I don’t have to have so much liquid!

I had a MASSIVE training session on Saturday which included almost 4 hours on the bike and straight into a 5k run, I pulled up really well on Sunday and I honestly believe that protein has played an important part in this recovery.

QUALITY protein powder is a must. I cannot stress this enough. I tried a couple of cheap ones and oh my god they were horrible… sickly sweet and a bit like sand.

Bring on the balls!

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The Bits and Pieces

4 scoops of chocolate protein powder

1 C shredded coconut

3/4 C oats

1 tsp organic vanilla extract

15 dates

2 tbsp cocao powder

water, as needed

sesame seeds, for coating


In a food processor, process dates until a sticky ball has formed. Add in a small amount of water – I used about 1 tbsp to help make it smooth.

Process coconut in with date mixture for about 2 minutes.

Transfer to a large mixing bowl and add other ingredients except for the water and sesame seeds!

Mix until well combined – adding small amounts of water as needed. BE CAREFUL not too make the mixture too wet or you won’t be able to roll the balls properly. No one likes sloppy balls!

Place sesame seeds in a small bowl.

Once well combined, roll into small balls and place ball in bowl of sesame seeds to coat.

Store these babies in the fridge!



Brickie xx