Why I Love to Tri.

Ah recovery week! How I love yet struggle with you… hooray for more time for blogging though!

Last weekend we went up to the Royal National Park and road to Bundeena and back. 65km of tough climbs made for an awesome training session backed up with a 16km run on Sunday for me and a huge 21km for Nate!

The iconic Bald Hill.

I finally ballsed up and got down on my aero bars – so much fun! I’m still a bit of a scaredy cat and jumped up a few times coming into corners but I am sure a few more weekends out and about which make me a lot more confident! It felt really good being in that position and I know it’ll help in the run, being a more efficient rider!

I LOOK like I know what I am doing...
I LOOK like I know what I am doing…

I have been thinking a lot lately about why I’ve become obsessed with triathlon. It’s not so much the swim, bike or run although I do love racing. It’s the places triathlon has already taken me!

Every weekend Nate and I set off on a long ride to places we have never been before, even though they’re on our doorstep!


Sundays lately consist of running along the bike track further than the week before and 2 weeks ago I ran to the place I used to ride to on my bike and back (25km)! That is crazy!

Swimming sessions have probably been the most challenging of all – every session is a battle but we are swimming longer and harder than we ever have before.

Training for your first half Ironman is definitely challenging but it’s also worth it. Every session you complete is an achievement as most of the distances you have never tackled before. Afterwards it feels like you have ticked off one more goal and the idea of swimming 1.9km riding 90km and then running 21.1km seems less daunting.


We are now 4 weeks in with 12 to go and I have decided to give the Mudgee Marathon a miss. As hard a decision this was I have been training really hard and I want to see just what I have got on race day in Port Macquarie and throwing a marathon in the mix a month out from the race just doesn’t fit. Nate will still be tackling the marathon (legend!) and I will do the half.

On the plus side, it means I can take Sirius back to Mudgee with me and get in a training session on Saturday before the race. This will be a better indicator of race fitness too.

Brickie xx


Post run on Sunday!
Post run on Sunday!

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