Getting Aero…?

Week two down, 14 to go! EEEEP! A lot has happened in the last week or so, I have a new saddle and I’m getting aero! I recently got my hands on a set of Profile Design T2+ aerobats and now have them fitted to Sirius. pd_aerobar_t2_alloy_angle   When I got these I was SUPER excited as I have been wanting to get down into the aero position for a while. It just feels right! I think I am pretty lucky too, in that I have a lot of flexibility in my back which makes getting down into this position pretty comfortable. On the trainer, I was loving it – imagining how much faster I was going to be cruising around like this not to mention looking like a pro! Cut to the weekend – Nate and I head out riding to Jamberoo with CRAZY wind. I was feeling like I was getting pushed into the middle of the road and I had to call it quits. I was so scared that I was going to stack so we decided to head back home. I think I was also out of my comfort zone having the bars on the bike. With more weight over the front wheel it completely changes the feeling and handling of my bike. In the car on the way home I was so disappointed in myself – for so long I have made it my mission to pursue things that may initially seem scary in order to challenge myself. However, as Nate pointed out this was more about safety than being scared. I was hoping I would get a chance to test out my bars properly but it will have to wait until next weekend. I know I am going to struggle as it’s just so scary being in such an aggressive riding position and so far away from the safety of my brakes and gears. I have been told to take it slow and stick to flat and straight for a while. Wish me luck! I decided to have a solid 2 and a half hour session on the trainer instead to hide from the wind! On Sunday, I aimed to run as far as I could on Sunday in 2 hours I got to 19.9km (robbed!) in 1:53 and considering how relaxed I felt I was stoked! In other news, we have registered for the Mudgee Marathon in August which I am excited and also SUPER nervous about. We haven’t specifically trained for it but are hoping the time on the bike and the long runs will be enough to get us through on the day. There is definitely one goal going in – just finish! Oh, and have fun (is that even possible)! I’m also going to Fiji next June to race the absolutely stunning Fiji Long Course – this will involve 1 day of racing and 10 days of relaxing. BLISS! I am already dreaming about it…

Bliss! Photo courtesy of
Bliss! Photo courtesy of

I will use this as motivation to get out of bed at 5:30am in the dark and cold. UGH! I promise to have more snacks next post… Brickie xx


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