Raw Vegan Caramel Slice.


I’ve neglected the blog. Shit.

I have been meaning to post this recipe for about 3 weeks…. ugh. I’ve been busy training, drinking, eating etc.

I had the pleasure of heading to Melbourne over the weekend to hang out with my bestie Mandz and share the beautiful day (apart from the ridiculous rain) that was Tim + Di’s wedding. This involved lots of dancing, drinking and laughing; and not a lot of training.




While I was down in Melbourne, I had the chance to catch up with some friends and meet their gorgeous bubba Abel. I had a moment where I was like “Shit, my friends are getting married and having babies – when did this happen?!”. I honestly still feel like I am 16. It’s funny seeing people from school, years later, and they look different – like adults; yet I still feel exactly the same as when I was in school. I’m sure people look at me in the same way, like I’m an adult now… but seriously, when did this happen and how did I miss it?!

Let’s hope I have the energy of a 16 year old this weekend…

…as I have my first little triathlon on Sunday. It’s a 500m swim, 13km ride and 4km run. It’s doable – the hardest thing will be the swim. Both mentally and physically.

I completed my first brick training session this morning with a 32km ride (where I managed to somehow kill a magpie that flew into my wheel AND stay on my bike!!) followed by a 4km run. Physically it was ok – but mentally it was tough. I got over it at about the 3k mark in the run.mmmmmm

Speaking of mentally tough, this slice will test your will power.

I gave A LOT of this away so that I wouldn’t scoff it all like the little piggy I totally am.

I was meant to use only buckwheat for the base but in true Brick form, I spilled most of the pack on the kitchen floor and was left with only 1/2 C. I eyeballed this one as I went along so don’t be afraid to add more liquid etc if it isn’t the consistency you want.

You MUST use fresh medjool dates for the caramel – it won’t come out creamy, thick and wet enough otherwise. You can use dried dates for the base, however.

Keep this guy in the fridge or freezer, however, I doubt it will even last that long!

The bits and pieces


1/2 C shredded coconut

15 dates, pitted

1 tbsp coconut cream

pinch of sea salt

1/2 C buckwheat (raw), rinsed

1 C oats

Caramel Filling

20 medjool dates

1/3 C coconut cream

good pinch of sea salt

Chocolate Topping

2 tbsp maple syrup

2 tbsp cocoa

3 tbsp coconut cream (add as much as required – ie. more if needed)

In a food processor, process base ingredients until it comes together in a sticky ball.

Press evenly into a baking tray lined with being paper. I used a 10×10 tray.

Pop in the freezer to set.


In the food processor, add dates, salt and half the coconut cream and process until smooth. Keep adding coconut cream until you reach the desired consistency. You want it thick and smooth!

Pour over base and smooth with the back of a spoon. Place back in freezer to set while you prepare the chocolate.

Base + Caramel
Nice + Thick!

In a small mixing bowl, add cocoa and maple syrup. Mix well to remove any lumps. Slowly add coconut cream – a little at a time until you have a smooth paste that is thin enough to cover the caramel filling.

Pour over caramel filling and pop back in the freezer to set for 30minutes.


Remove from freezer and cut into slices before serving!