Chocolate Cake Batter Smoothie.

Cake in a glass!
Cake in a glass!

My cousin Ant came to visit me again on the weekend. We got out for a little 30K ride before work on Saturday morning before Ant headed back out for another lazy 70K! What the?!

Sunday morning we jumped up and headed off again – I really wanted to get up to the Sea Cliff Bridge.


Wow. What an awesome ride. The morning was absolutely perfect.


On the way back into town, a bunch of 4 guys over took us as we approached a hill. Ant and I both looked at each other and Ant goes “Want to see if we can stick with them?!” He had read my mind.

So off we went and with a little push from Ant we tagged on the back of the bunch. I mentioned to Ant that I thought they would probably head back into North Beach and stop for a coffee.

When we arrived back at North Beach we thanked the guys for the tow back into town – and then ended up sticking around for 2 coffees and and an hour and a half later thought it was time to head home!

What an amazing morning! In the last 2 or so months, I have already met so many wonderful people through running, riding and swimming. I’m blown away by how much people are willing to help you out. It’s awesome!

I also got out for my first real ocean swim yesterday morning, and again, I met a lovely bunch of people willing to help me out!

The morning was perfect so still and clear.

What a view!
What a view!

I tagged along with my friend Andrew who’s a keen swimmer and had the best morning. The night before I seriously woke up every hour stressing about the swim in the morning. The guys I went swimming with were lovely and kept an eye on me the whole way so there was really nothing to be scared about in the end.

Although I’m still not completely convinced that a scary looking hand from an ocean zombie isn’t about to pull me under…

Please don't eat me ocean zombies!
Please don’t eat me ocean zombies!

I guess I have surprised myself too, when I first started swimming I could barely make 50m without getting a head spin at the end because I hadn’t been breathing properly! Although I was scared shitless yesterday before jumping off the rocks I was determined to still give it a go.

I guess that’s the best thing about deciding to train for some tri’s this season – it’s forcing me to do things I have previously been scared of. Even road riding used to scare the crap out of me!

Looking back to a time when I was paralysed by anxiety on a daily basis and driving, going to work or even talking to people was insanely scary to me and then realising how far I’ve come is pretty great… now I kind of have the view if it scares me it is probably something worth trying. I never want to be too scared to attempt anything again – at least once! I like the feeling of being scared or uncomfortable now and using it to challenge myself!

Enough of the rambling  time to hook you up with this recipe.

This  seriously tastes like cake batter but better because it won’t make your tummy sore from eating buttloads of flour!! I also remember Ant and I used to mix together muffin mixes just to eat it raw I don’t think we managed to bake a whole mix, ever!


The bits and pieces

1 1/2 frozen bananas

1 C rice milk

1/8 C oats

1 Tbsp tahini

1 Tbsp hemp seeds

1 Tbsp cocoa

1 Tbsp shredded coconut

1 Tbsp ground cinnamon


In a blender pop all the ingredients and blend!! Toooooooooooooo easy! Top with more coconut and walnuts!




5 thoughts on “Chocolate Cake Batter Smoothie.

      1. Hey Tim! I just use them for added healthy fats (omegas) and protein… I just find adding stuff like that or avos etc keeps me fuller for longer. Hemp seeds are good for your skin and hair and shit too! I buy them at a local nut deli in the gong you can get them online too! They aren’t meant to be consumed as food in Aus but you can get your hands on them pretty easily :)

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