Choc Mint Raw Cheesecakes.


Happy first day of Spring…

…and happy Father’s Day to all those daddy’s or daddy-to-bes!

The big man!

My dad, along with my step mum and 2 little sisters are about to embark on another adventure – this time they’re moving back to NSW, Sydney to be exact. Hoorah! This means they will be living closer to my sisters and I than they have since I was about 6! I am so excited and I know my two older sisters sure are too.

Dearest Dadda – have the BEST day! I’m very lucky to have you as my father and I’m super proud of you and especially excited for your new chapter!

Both of my brother in laws will be getting spoiled today by my sister’s and their gorgeous kids. They deserve it!

Nay Nay, Lila and Campbell!
Nay Nay, Lila and Campbell!
Mega A, Big A and Little A!
Mega A, Big A and Little A!

Andrew likes to give me crap about my cooking, and I know he will call these “compost” but I’m SURE even he would like these… although he likes to tease me, I know he secretly thinks I make some tasty snacks.

I can hear him and Nay Nay (my other bro) giving me shit now – “Hey Chookie, how’s the compost going? I’ve got some grass cuttings out the back you can bake with!” But I know they love me as much as I love them…!

So to my lovely brothers – have an amazing day with your gorgeous little families. You both deserve to get the shit spoiled out of you today! But only today – it’s game on again tomorrow!

You could make this into one big “cheesecake” or use muffin moulds like I did. It’s completely up to you.

Make sure you store these in the freezer and take them out a couple of minutes before serving.


The bits and pieces


1 C almonds

1/2 C desiccated coconut

2 Medjool dates

1 tbsp unsweetened almond milk (or water)

1 tbsp maple syrup


1 1/2 ripe avocados

1/2 C cocoa

1 tbsp organic vanilla extract

1 tbsp peppermint essence

3 tbsp unsweetened almond milk

4 tbsp maple syrup

In a food processor, blend almonds until a fine meal has formed. Add remaining ingredients and process until mix is well combined.

Remove and place spoonfuls of mixture into a mini muffin tray. Press down so mixture is nice and firm.

Set aside while you make the filling!

For the filling, add all ingredients into food processor and process until a smooth paste is formed.

Taste and add more maple or peppermint essence to your liking!

Spoon mixture out into prepared tray.

Pop in the freezer  for 45minutes to an hour until set.

Serve these chilled.




3 thoughts on “Choc Mint Raw Cheesecakes.

  1. Hey hey! I just bought a fancy new food processor and this was the first recipe i was dying to try!! …mine taste like avocado though.. even the boys wont eat them haha
    Let me know what i could have done wrong pretty please! I wanna make them again :P

    1. Hey Sio! Haha that’s terrible! Ummm maybe don’t used as much avo and add some more almond milk and cocoa?? I even tested these out on some of my guy friends who loved them!!! You could also maybe throw a few dates in the filling? Let me know how you go!!!!!!

    2. Actually Sio I just looked over the recipe I’m really not sure what happened haha if say add some more maple syrup, cocoa and almond milk and leave the same amount of avos and see how that goes!!!! :)

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