Rhodes, Athens and Home.

After having the most amazing time with some wonderful family and friends, I headed off to Rhodes with a couple of my cousins and some wonderful new friends.

The 6 of us had the pleasure of spending a few more hours on our boat traveling to Rhodes instead of taking the ferry. As we departed we gave our crew one final hug and I was truly sad!

The guys had planned on heading off to another island but decided to hang out in Rhodes with me for a few days. I was so happy with this decision! Traveling by myself was great but hanging out with these guys was just awesome.


One of the many wonderful meals shared with these excellent people!


Rhodes, I will always remember you for your WHITE nutella crepes. Holy shit.


I didn’t even know white nutella existed – I consumed my body weight, at least twice eating these things. Seemed like a good idea at the time, the fact my clothes don’t really fit properly right now – ehhhh not so great.

We hired a car to go and see the acropolis. By the time we arrived, it had closed. Dammit!

Our beast!
Our beast!

We did however, stop off at this awesome little cafe on the side of the road and ate the most amazing gyros. Manned by one lovely old lady, she could cook! We watched as she cooked our meals completely from scratch. SO fresh and amazing and all for 2€ and over looking the amazing coast line.


Driving around Rhodes you could really see how much potential this place had before the economy crashed. There were deserted houses and apartments everywhere that were all but finished. Empty shops and petrol stations that were now used as car parks were a common site.

It was sad and a little spooky. It was like time had just stopped and it almost felt like we were in one of those apocalypse movies at times!

When we arrived at the Acropolis and discovered it was closed, Gareth, Jacinta, Matty and Ang decided to go for a walk and explore. Ant and I, we decided it was time for a cocktail and watch part of Le Tour.

Donkey rides at the Acropolis. POOR donkey!
Donkey rides at the Acropolis. POOR donkey!
Ant and I, heading for cocktails.
Ant and I, heading for cocktails.

Ant and I were best mates when we were little. There’s about a month age difference between us and every school holidays we would spend half the time at one house and the other half at the others.

We were inseparable!

It was really lovely hanging out with my old mate! Ant’s a very generous guy, who would do anything for you. Whenever you need him! Love you cuz! xx

I’m really glad we got to spend some quality time together. And we walked out of that bar after 2 cocktails and I was smashed! Old mate behind the bar sure knew how to make a potent pina colada!

Every night we would head into the old town, grab some dinner, sit up on the stairs in the main square with our crepes and gelati and people watch before calling it a night and heading home.

Prime people watching position!

After 3 days in Rhodes, I headed off to Athens while the others made their way to Rome.

I stumbled into this AWESOME vegetarian cafe in Athens accidentally. The food was frigging awesome. Most of it was either vegetarian or vegan.



I also found this Lego store – Oh I love me some Lego, especially when it’s giant!!



I had expected Athens to be really cheap, but it really wasn’t. I guess I had expected it to be like Rhodes but there was definitely more going on and the vibe was a little less eery! There was still a heap going on in Athens.

After one night in Athens, it was time to call it a day. En route to Sydney I was a little sad, but also ready to get back into a routine.

I arrived home to this too:


So you can’t really be too sad when you have the gorgeous Lisey to greet you!

My whirlwind tour of Europe is now over. I can’t wait for my next trip!! I had the most amazing experiences, a few hilarious slip ups! Made some new friends, spent time with old ones, ate some amazing food. Drank more than I have in a very long time and came back 6 kilos heavier! A sign of a very good holiday!

I’ve got some awesome new recipes to blog now too…

Until  then my friends,

Brickie xx





3 thoughts on “Rhodes, Athens and Home.

  1. Thanks for the post and the food photos!!!!! Yum!!!
    I’m still struggling to commit to a post holiday diet. So hard.

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