Roughed up in Roma.

After an awesome night out in Barcelona, I hopped on a plane feeling a little worse for wear and headed to Roma!

Ahhhhh Rome, I had heard so much about this beautiful city and couldn’t wait to explore.

I dropped off my bags and quickly headed out before the sun went down. I had booked a cute little place where I had my own room but shared kitchen and bathroom. It was a beautiful old apartment in a really shitty part of town.


I walked around for a while not straying too far from my apartment and found a place to sit down and eat.

First mistake.

My waiter quickly took a liking to me and asked me for a drink when he finished work. I was umming and ahhhing about it because I thought he was full on and my instincts were telling me it wasn’t the best idea. Finally he said “Well I finish at 10 so come back down here if you want to have a drink”.

I went home, messaged a few friends asking what should I do – that should’ve been the indication right there… after a while I decided bugger it – it’ll be nice to go have a chat with someone and get out in rome – after all “When in Rome…”

Second mistake.

I arrived and first thing old mate does is grab me on the butt – yeah, this was never going to end well.

We walked down to a pub and had a drink, all the while he’s attempting to grope me and I’m attempting to exit.

After what was far too long I ended up making a speedy exit – not before he asked to come and lay with me in my room and casually stuck his hand up my skirt.

Yeah – good try buddy.

So after that I didn’t really venture out in Roma after dark.

The following morning I got up early and walked and walked and walked!!

First stop – Colosseum…



Ooooh a Fiat in Rome!

I then stopped to get some gelati before visiting the Trevi Fountain.


While walking around near the Trevi Fountain, I saw this guy killing it with a spray can. There are heaps of these people all over Rome but this guy was unreal! I watched him complete 2 paintings in the space of 10 minutes.


I bought the picture of The Colosseum for my friends and carted it all over Rome and into Turkey before leaving it behind somewhere!

I also visited the Altare della Patria, also known as the National Monument to Victor Emmanuel II.


This thing is HUGE! I mean, everything in Rome is huge but this was crazy – inside I saw some really cool artefacts from Italy’s war efforts.

First fixie perhaps?



The next morning I headed straight to the Pantheon.





I was blown away by this building. It was definitely one of my favourite sites in Rome.

I had read that “Rome’s Best Coffee” was situated right near The Pantheon so I had to stop in. The coffee was pretty good, typically Italian.


The latte art, however!


I sampled some more gelati on my way to Vatican City…





I then hung out in Campo de’ Fiori and snacked on some truffle bruschetta and an awesome salad.



Aside from the creepy guy on the first night I really enjoyed the sites of Rome. It is like walking around a museum and everything is MASSIVE! It was awesome seeing all these places you hear about in school and university.



I did feel hassled in Rome though – I think the blonde hair drew attention which was a shame. I definitely would stay in another area next time and I think I would enjoy it heaps more walking around having someone to share it with!

After 3 days of walking in Rome it was time for Turkey! YEW! Meeting up with family sailing on The Med. Hells yeah!

Speak soon!




Barcelona Bar Hop.


Spain! I made it – time to party!

I think it’s fairly common knowledge that The Spanish like to party!

I have always had a love and fascination with Spanish culture, ever since we did a crash course in Spanish in year 7. By crash course I mean we tormented our poor Spanish teacher for 6 months before we moved on to Japanese.

While in Barcelona, I had the pleasure of staying with my brother in-laws brother Luke, and his gorgeous girlfriend Camille.

Luke and Cam live in this fantastic apartment in Barri Gotic, near the water and just of La Rambla – a famous strip in Barcelona lined with restaurants and rows and rows of souvenir stores. The area is a maze of sandstone buildings which open in to squares, the place is filled with bars and cafes and totally transforms of an evening.

Streets of Barcelona

I spent the first day by myself as Cam had taken Luke to Angora for the weekend (and had managed to cross the border without their passports – this girl gets stuff done!!) so I headed off to the beach where I discovered a lost and found market filled with music, food and vintage clothing.

IMG_6172 IMG_6171

I spotted a La Marzocco coffee machine and nearly wet my pants!! It was just 3 young guys selling their own beans and good coffee, yet another reason to fall in love with this place!

I also found a food and wine festival while walking to the beach – 10 for 3 tastings and a Riedel glass. Have I mentioned I LOVE Barcelona!

I hung out on the beach most of the day – drinking cocktails and relaxing. Perfection. I also found this super cute vegan place – just one girl pumping out some tasty vegan treats.


The following day Luke, Cam and one of their friends Teddy and myself  trekked all over Barcelona, looking at all of Gaudi’s AMAZING works.

The guy was unbelievable – his works are a mix of spirituality, religion and acid trips. Sandstone and colours intertwined to form these awe inspiring buildings.



Teddy made a valid point –  “Imagine being the guy who was commissioned to work on the building next to a Gaudi building. It’d be almost impossible!”

Luke gave us quite the guided tour of Barcelona – he showed us some places that neither Teddy or I would have even known existed if it wasn’t for his and Cam’s local knowledge.

Including a bar hop…..

That evening we hit some of the local bars… it quickly got out of hand.

Teddy and I started off in this great bar which featured a zombie looking installation of a guy taking a crap on one of the walls…


Luke then took us to this Cava bar where we all lost our shit a little. Cava is a Spanish sparkling wine that is beautiful and ridiculously cheap

This place is an institution – absolutely PACKED with people, you must order food with every drink. They serve tapas and glasses of  Cava for cheap cheap!

The only way I could describe it is like “a sausage sizzle with champagne” and when you’re done you just throw your rubbish on the floor – what of it?!



We also visited a cider bar and tried our hand at blow darts – basically just darts but you shoot them out of your mouth because apparently it’s safer…



Please note the score – I kicked butt!

We then visited one of Hemingway’s old hangs and naturally had some absinthe…

…and the rest is a bit of a blur!


Luke and Cam were great hosts!

They took us to the amazing food markets La Boqueria where there was just rows and rows of food stalls and people everywhere. I saw some funky looking foodstuffs…





The street art throughout Barcelona was amazing too!











I just love this city, it has so much going on – the food, the bars, the beach and the buildings!

After spending a few days here I was desperate to find a way to stay! Next trip I will definitely plan to spend more time in Spain.

After travelling for a few weeks on my own it was so nice to see some family – even though I had only met Luke one time before this – at my sister and Andrew’s wedding. The hospitality that him and Cam showed me was just wonderful.

Next stop Roma – I won’t give too much away but I was definitely in for a bit of a shock….

Speak soon,