Gelati Como.

1 Gelati…

2 Gelati…

3 Gelati… we’re rolling Brickie out the door.


Lake Como was a nice rest stop – I stayed here for 2 nights in a little place right near the water.

I made another friend – an English boy named Gary who is a physio trying to make his way over to Australia. Not before 9 months of travel!

We went for a run around the lake on the first evening – the hills ABSOLUTELY killed me but we cruised for the rest. Gary mentioned he was surprised I could keep up with all 6 foot 3 of him and when I said I was going to stop he exclaimed “Oh thank god” hehe – I must be maintaining some of my fitness!

After our run we rewarded ourselves with some gelati – I had chocolate and some rum flavour.


Holy shit.

The best I have ever eaten… absolute foodgasm!

We bought a bottle of wine and watched the sunset while looking over the lake…


The following day we headed to Menaggio – a sleepy little town further up the lake. I kept my eye out for my boyfriend George Clooney, didn’t see him but that’s ok I’ll see him at our wedding.


We sampled some more gelati in Menaggio, I had nutella and pistachio this time. I forgot to take a photo!

The walk along the water was beautiful and the day was picture perfect.


That afternoon I headed back to Como and sat and had a “spritz” basically a glass of prosecco with aperol – perfect on a hot summers day. I am missing them already!


Breakfast was included in my accommodation, so naturally, I made the most of it!







I also found a patisserie which was basically a whole in the wall where a lovely little Italian lady served gorgeous cakes and coffee… could this get any more stereotypical Italian – a coffee with scooters in the background?!


I HAD to have more gelati before I left – this time, I branched out and had cherry chocolate and creme brulee… yep, another foodgasm ensued.


A perfect ending to a perfect stop over…

Oh and I found some street art!


…Now onto the Nice nightlife!

Speak soon!




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