Fondue and Rosti in The Alps.


I’ve always considered myself a bit of a beach bum and absolutely LOVE summer… Which explains my decision to chase summer this year! The Swiss Alps however have changed my heart – unbelievable!
After finally catching up with my bus in Bern – a sleepy little city (the capital!) in Switzerland, I grabbed a beer and waited for the bus to arrive. In my comedy of errors of a bus trip I somehow managed to beat the bus!

I met a lovely girl named Bonnie who is from Sydney – and works with a girl I know from Mudgee proving just how small this globe is.
We arrived in Lauterbrunnen at around 8pm and I was desperate to sample some traditional Swiss fare.
We ordered Rosti and fondue.
Paired with a crisp glass of white wine – cheese coma ensued.


The next morning was stunning. What started as a misty morning turned into a flawless day; I met some girls and we decided to head off to the Seilspark – a high ropes and flying fox adventure course. So much fun!
While waiting for the train I got bombarded by a group of couples from Bombay, India who either thought I was a celebrity or a Swiss Girl. I was getting photos left right and centre with wives and husbands and in the end I had to say enough! Seriously hilarious!
That night we drank wine and had many a giggle – these girls are awesome. It felt like we were catching up for a girls night after not seeing each other for a while – Swell Girls I’m looking at you!
The next day I settled in at a cafe to write some emails and sample a coffee and brownie.
Holy shit.
The brownie was filled with chunks of Swiss white and milk chocolate and the brownie was a gooey dark chocolate delight.

I then set off on a 3 hour hike with Jonsi blaring!
I made friends with a cow…

And found some cheese…

And saw some amazing sights…

I then got jack of walking so decided to run home and came across some base jumpers.
Once I figure out how to insert videos for free ill upload it!!

And the chocolate – ohhhhhh my gawd.
Ruining me – but totally worth it!!

Off to Lake Como now to sample some gelati and prosecco!




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