Baguettes in Paris.

Dear Paris,

I have heard many things about you – some good, others not so much. When I met you I had no idea what to expect. I had heard from some that your people are lovely, I had heard from others that your people could be quite rude.

I am so pleased to have discovered for myself the hospitality your people. Most, if not all, the people I encountered were very willing to help me and listen as I attempted very poorly, some French. I even had the girl who served me my gelati laugh and tell me how cute I was attempting to order!

And your food – Paris, you little devil you! Croissants and baguettes with cheese and jam for breakfast, crepes with banana and nutella for lunch… so much glorious food, so little time! I may or may not have had second breakfast and second lunch on two separate days!

I am in love Paris – so thank you!

You will forever have a piece of my heart,

Brickie x


While in Paris I stayed in Montmarte, the artists district right near the Moulin Rouge. It was a little more expensive but absolutely worth every extra euro…!


IMG_5505 IMG_5516

I sampled a baguette and sat on the street to eat it as I watched the traffic pass by, a gentlemen walked past
and yelled “bon appetit!”. The moment couldn’t have been more perfect.

IMG_5549I met up with Santiago and he took me to the Notre Dame before we grabbed some food and a beer and sat in a park as the sun beamed down…



Notre Dame was spectacular!




On my last day in Paris I visited the Louvre early in the morning before the crowds, I spent a few hours walking around amazed by all of the history. I saw this piece which I was drawn to – I’ve no idea what the history behind it is but it’s beautiful!


I was absolutely blown away by the ceilings too…


After getting lost in The Louvre, I made my way to the Eiffel Tower, which I am glad that I went to see, however, after witnessing all of the amazing architecture it looked like a giant TV antenna!!!

I bought a bottle of rosè and sat and watched people pass me by… I keep getting asked if I am 18 too which is hilarious but hey, I’ll take it!




I honestly could have stayed here forever!


I almost did stay in Paris forever… well for an extra 3 days! I missed by bus in the morning after getting lost. I really need to learn how to read a map. Seriously, it shouldn’t be that hard.

So I bought myself a train ticket and headed of to Bern to meet up with my bus… after missing my connecting train and getting lost again I made it to Lauterbrunnen where I will be for 1 more day before heading to Lake Como…

Excuse me while I go and sample some rosti and fondue…


Speak soon!




3 thoughts on “Baguettes in Paris.

  1. You are so cute my dear!!! Don’t you love nutella on those crepes. I loved Paris too and when you are wearing that beautiful smile on your dial, everyone will find you irresistible. !!! xoxoxo

  2. Fantastic Brooke top of any map is north so with a compass in tow you will be find love ou and see you soon xxx

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