Earl Grey Spiced Fig Muffins in Singapore.

The Muffinry menu - will be "borrowing" this idea...
The Muffinry menu – will be “borrowing” this idea…

So, this one time, I went a little Eat Pray Love on my own arse and decided to turn down a job in Sydney, go back to university and travel around Europe – most of these decisions were made in the space of half an hour…

Yeah – that sounds like typical Brickie behaviour.

Here I am in Singapore… typing away in my “pod” of a hostel bed listening to sounds of the street below. Singapore – you are a truly fascinating city.

…I am currently finishing this blog post in a little Parisian cafe while drinking a 1664 Blanc bier, yeah, life sucks….

While in Singapore, I met a lovely Argentinian boy named Santiago while sitting drinking a Tiger beer, he happened to have arrived in Singapore the same day as me and was flying out to Paris the following day just half an hour before me!

Sitting drinking a Tiger beer when Santiago came along!
Sitting drinking a Tiger beer when Santiago came along!

We went and checked out Marina bay which is home to the Marina Bay Sands Hotel check it out here —->

We managed to get up into the roof top bar which is part of the ship and stayed for a drink!


The Marina Bay Sands!
The Marina Bay Sands!

I also found myself repping in the streets of Singapore!


I then set out the following day and explored China Town and Little India some more… before I did this, I stopped in at a little cafe called The Muffinry, which served nice coffee and I sampled an Earl Grey and Fig spiced muffin. When I get home I will be attempting to replicate this, it was delicious – and still warm!

At The Muffinry, you could also request beans to write tasting notes and store in a little test tube… I thought this was a pretty cute idea!


I had some sort of noodle tofu thing from one of the food stalls for brunch – there are a bunch of food halls in Singapore which have a selection of everything from dumplings, curries, stir fries to juices and pastries.


I then dragged Santiago to Little India with me and I am pretty sure we ate at the dodgiest place we could find… I ordered the vegetarian set which came out served on a banana leaf with some raita, pickles and rice. Santiago was going to order the curry chicken but when he asked the guy how hot it was he replied “very!” and we both knew that if he said it was hot – it must be! We both had a bit of a giggle about how we were definitely asking for trouble diving into these curries with a 14 hour flight to Paris ahead of us.

Santiago and I waiting for our flights to Paris.
Santiago and I waiting for our flights to Paris.

I can happily say that no hilarious movie vomit/sharting scenes occurred for either of us on our flights…

Stayed tuned for my Parisian adventures!

Au revoir for now,



7 thoughts on “Earl Grey Spiced Fig Muffins in Singapore.

  1. awesome! I’m gonna be in Singapore in a month and def want to check out that rooftop bar! Would you recommend staying at one of those hostels too?

  2. Dude, awesome work! There will always be jobs in Sydney, opportunities to just take off overseas not so much though, so excellent choice. How long are you travelling for?

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