Farmers Markets in Nice.

I’m behind.

I’m about to leave Rome to head to Turkey and I’m almost 2 blogs behind. Shit.

I switched to holiday mode in Nice.

After a relatively short bus ride from Como I found myself in Nice. I knew that being in the French Riviera things would be pricey. So I stocked up on supplies in Como.

Yep, I was that weird chick who entered the bus with a box full of food and a couple of bottles of wine. Seriously though, it cost me €20 for some beer, wine and a whole bunch of food that I didn’t even get through in Nice.

…I proceeded to make myself a panini on the bus complete with pesto, gherkins and rocket. Bangin’ – and totally worth the weird looks.

Monaco! We had a quick photo stop in Monaco.

On arrival I dumped my stuff and headed straight to the kitchen to make myself a much needed bowl of veggies and gnocchi. Cheese and bread only get you so far…

IMG_6078  IMG_6080

Sooooooo good.

The next day I visited the Flowers and Farmers Market in Old Town…

…and lost my shit.

Locally made pestos, fresh olives, fruit and vegetables and gorgeous fresh bread…

Losing my shit in Nice. IMG_6090 IMG_6091    IMG_6094 IMG_6096 IMG_6102

I returned with a whole backpack full of goodies – lunch was served!


I decided in Nice that I was just going to chill out for a bit – so that’s what I did…

I spent hours  on the pebble beach, got stuck into my book and relaxed… I seriously didn’t visit any sites or do anything particularly tourist like. It felt good.

I think sometimes you get so caught up in making the most of your time, feeling like you need to visit every landmark that you end up needing a holiday from your holiday when you return home… and that’s my justification for not even taking the bus to Monaco for a quick visit.


I met a bunch of people at the hostel – which I would highly recommend staying at check it out here Villa Hostels

It’s super social and they sell €1 beers – you can’t argue with that. Although I chose to avoid them and go for the €6 bottles of rosè.

Didn't help my hangover.
Didn’t help my hangover.

We ended up hitting the beach and I got quite drunky – and saturated from the tide coming in.

Needless to say the following morning was a bit sketchy – I ended up getting up, and jumping in the ocean. My go to hangover cure.


…and then I passed out on the beach for a few hours.

My final night in Nice involved dinner and drinks with some of the guys I had met on my bus trip.

We stumbled upon these awesome guys playing in the street on our way to dinner and I ended up having to be dragged away! They were very blues and rootsy and I imagined I was in New Orleans for a moment.

Anyone who has watched the HBO series Tremè will know what I’m on about (PS. if you haven’t check it out – it’s about a neighbourhood in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and really freaking good.)

I have uploaded a video on Facebook too (because I can’t do it on wordpress!!) where old mate jumps up on his bass. Check it out!


Nice was wonderful – I definitely hit the switch into holiday mode – I got in one 8k run but apart from that I took it easy!

PS. I’m planning a way to stay in Europe for longer, anyone with ideas on how I can make this happen – work, easy way to get a visa etc. (or not but still get work!!) send your suggestions my way!

Next stop Barcelona – where I finally meet the lovely Camille who my sister Mel has been raving about, and shit gets a little out of hand with Luke and Teddy…!


Gelati Como.

1 Gelati…

2 Gelati…

3 Gelati… we’re rolling Brickie out the door.


Lake Como was a nice rest stop – I stayed here for 2 nights in a little place right near the water.

I made another friend – an English boy named Gary who is a physio trying to make his way over to Australia. Not before 9 months of travel!

We went for a run around the lake on the first evening – the hills ABSOLUTELY killed me but we cruised for the rest. Gary mentioned he was surprised I could keep up with all 6 foot 3 of him and when I said I was going to stop he exclaimed “Oh thank god” hehe – I must be maintaining some of my fitness!

After our run we rewarded ourselves with some gelati – I had chocolate and some rum flavour.


Holy shit.

The best I have ever eaten… absolute foodgasm!

We bought a bottle of wine and watched the sunset while looking over the lake…


The following day we headed to Menaggio – a sleepy little town further up the lake. I kept my eye out for my boyfriend George Clooney, didn’t see him but that’s ok I’ll see him at our wedding.


We sampled some more gelati in Menaggio, I had nutella and pistachio this time. I forgot to take a photo!

The walk along the water was beautiful and the day was picture perfect.


That afternoon I headed back to Como and sat and had a “spritz” basically a glass of prosecco with aperol – perfect on a hot summers day. I am missing them already!


Breakfast was included in my accommodation, so naturally, I made the most of it!







I also found a patisserie which was basically a whole in the wall where a lovely little Italian lady served gorgeous cakes and coffee… could this get any more stereotypical Italian – a coffee with scooters in the background?!


I HAD to have more gelati before I left – this time, I branched out and had cherry chocolate and creme brulee… yep, another foodgasm ensued.


A perfect ending to a perfect stop over…

Oh and I found some street art!


…Now onto the Nice nightlife!

Speak soon!



Fondue and Rosti in The Alps.


I’ve always considered myself a bit of a beach bum and absolutely LOVE summer… Which explains my decision to chase summer this year! The Swiss Alps however have changed my heart – unbelievable!
After finally catching up with my bus in Bern – a sleepy little city (the capital!) in Switzerland, I grabbed a beer and waited for the bus to arrive. In my comedy of errors of a bus trip I somehow managed to beat the bus!

I met a lovely girl named Bonnie who is from Sydney – and works with a girl I know from Mudgee proving just how small this globe is.
We arrived in Lauterbrunnen at around 8pm and I was desperate to sample some traditional Swiss fare.
We ordered Rosti and fondue.
Paired with a crisp glass of white wine – cheese coma ensued.


The next morning was stunning. What started as a misty morning turned into a flawless day; I met some girls and we decided to head off to the Seilspark – a high ropes and flying fox adventure course. So much fun!
While waiting for the train I got bombarded by a group of couples from Bombay, India who either thought I was a celebrity or a Swiss Girl. I was getting photos left right and centre with wives and husbands and in the end I had to say enough! Seriously hilarious!
That night we drank wine and had many a giggle – these girls are awesome. It felt like we were catching up for a girls night after not seeing each other for a while – Swell Girls I’m looking at you!
The next day I settled in at a cafe to write some emails and sample a coffee and brownie.
Holy shit.
The brownie was filled with chunks of Swiss white and milk chocolate and the brownie was a gooey dark chocolate delight.

I then set off on a 3 hour hike with Jonsi blaring!
I made friends with a cow…

And found some cheese…

And saw some amazing sights…

I then got jack of walking so decided to run home and came across some base jumpers.
Once I figure out how to insert videos for free ill upload it!!

And the chocolate – ohhhhhh my gawd.
Ruining me – but totally worth it!!

Off to Lake Como now to sample some gelati and prosecco!