Homemade Almond Butter.

I managed to get my hands on TWO food processors over the weekend. Alright!

I’ve been putting off purchasing one for a while now – I’ll add it to my cart, then when I’m about to click finalise order I chicken out.

It’s a big commitment.

I think I knew that I would be in loads of trouble once I invested in one. Oh the possibilities!

So after my brownie antics (the antics being me having to leave the house and messaging Lisa to tell her that when she got home she had to eat some brownie – self control, what is that crazy thing you speak of?!) I decided to make some homemade almond butter.

I have some sort of nut/seed butter everyday. Mainly dolloped on my porridge but I also branch out and have it on toast sometimes too.

This recipe is super dooper easy and if you have a food processor you should really start making your own nut butters. It is significantly cheaper and you can choose higher quality nuts! Winning.

In other news – I have received a whopping $1333 in donations for my fun run fundraiser – which is THIS SUNDAY! EEEEK!

I am overwhelmed by the generosity – I had a HUGE donation from an anonymous source. They obviously don’t want to be known but if you are reading this – THANK YOU! And thank you to everyone who has donated and shared my page.

You can still donate up until Monday May 20 – by clicking here.

My race pack arrived last Friday too! I have had a bit of a cold/flu this week so have been taking it easy but going to head out for a nice gentle run tonight to make sure I’m on track for Sunday. If anyone is around Manly – pop over and cheer me on! I’m pretty sure I’ll be going solo as I have a feeling my sissy’s bubba might make a grand entrance very, very soon!


This recipe could be changed around heaps to suit your mood – add in a touch of maple syrup and cinnamon and top on some pancakes or slather on a piece of toast with shredded coconut. I also had a dollop of this with a couple of dates last night for dessert. Delicious!


The bits and pieces

2 cups raw almonds


Depending on the strength of your food processor – you might want to roughly chop the almonds before adding them to the processor.

Blend on high for about 15 minutes. Stopping intermittently to scrape down the sides.

See pictures below!



Step 1 - add almonds
Step 1 – add almonds
step 2 - process to a fine meal.
step 2 – process to a fine meal.
Step 3 - it will come together like this, don't panic. Keep processing it'll soon be a delicious melty butter!
Step 3 – it will come together like this, don’t panic. Keep processing it’ll soon be a delicious melty butter!
Almost there!
Almost there!
Mmmm buttery goodness.
Mmmm buttery goodness.


Scrape out and store in an airtight container – it doesn’t need to be refrigerated! I sterilised old tahini jars by washing them and putting them in the oven for about 10minutes at 100ºC. Remove and let cool before adding almond butter.








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