Chocolate Fudge Pancakes with Chocolate Sauce.

Yum!Some weeks are a little easier than others – you cannot stop me!!! This week was not one of them! Now, in the scheme of things this week hasn’t presented any significant challenges – I’ve just been lacking serious motivation!

I’ve definitely struggled to fit in as many training sessions as I had hoped for this week, but I’ve no doubt that I’ll get back into the swing of things over the next few days. I do only have 2 weeks left until my 10K race!!

I have a bit of a mantra I try and live by (most of the time). It goes a little something like this:

Whatever I think – do the opposite!

I know how silly that sounds, and obviously it’s not for everything – like basic tasks that require use of common sense!

But I do find it helps when I hear that little voice in my head telling me all sorts of weird and wonderful excuses for why I should skip training – when I hear this, it means I automatically have to go.

Since I started really committing to running about 12 months ago I have used this, and for the most part, it works. It’s simple really – I hear myself making an excuse not to – means I HAVE to get off my butt and do it!

And while this is great for day to day motivation I also know I have to be mindful of the fact that I don’t want to fall into the trap of getting obsessed with exercise either.

This is where the mantra works again.

Sometimes, I hear that sneaky little voice – you know the one, that is laced with doubt – telling me I should run an extra few kms like a crazy person or try and squeeze in an extra gym session into my already ridiculously busy schedule. I have to question this voice at times – ask myself what’s the motive behind this. Because, this voice has a habit of popping up just after I have eaten a snack or maybe indulged in a little too much peanut butter…

That’s when I kick those silly little thoughts right back outta my head with my mantra!

So, I have to sometimes force myself to do/not do things or eat stuff that I know is a little out of my comfort zone.  It might make me feel uncomfortable for about 5 minutes but it soon passes.  I’ll often tell myself to have a rest day or a couple of glasses of wine during the week if I hear that little voice telling me I shouldn’t do it.

This helps me recognise my thought patterns and stop them forming into unhealthy habits that could potentially torment me in the future! It’s important to remind yourself that while eating healthy and exercising are GREAT – you also need to feel ok when you don’t.

I see it as a bit of a challenge really, and as you may have picked up – I’m just a little stubborn competitive, especially when it comes to myself!

Speaking of challenges – I love trying to create new recipes that feel naughty but still pack a serious nutritional punch. Using chickpea flour ups the protein in these pancakes as well as being full of healthy fats and complex carbs.

Look at that fudge awesomeness!!
Look at that fudge awesomeness!!

Say hello to your new BFF – Chocolate Fudge Pancakes.

These are gluten free, dairy free, egg free and refined sugar free. If you don’t want to make them vegan, just add an eggy to the mix and a touch less milk – feel free to play around with this one. If you don’t have psyllium husk again just lay off the milk a little or add a touch more flour.

The bits and pieces

1/4 C chickpea flour (or any except coconut)

1 tsp baking powder

1 tbsp (heaped!) cocoa

6 tbsp almond milk (or other milk of choice)

2 tbsp psyllium husk

1 tsp apple cider vinegar

1 tbsp rice malt syrup

Chocolate Sauce

1 tbsp rice malt syrup

1 (heaped!) tbsp cocoa

2-3 tbsp boiling water

Peanut butter (or other nut butter of choice) and raspberries to serve


In a small mixing bowl add milk and vinegar and let stand while you get the other ingredients out!

Add to milk and vinegar mix, remaining ingredients and mix well. Be really careful not to over mix as you’ll get rubbery pancakes. YUCK!

Heat oil in a large frypan over medium to high heat. Divide pancakes out into 3 and cook on one side for 3-4 minutes. Flip carefully and cook for another 4 or so minutes.

While these are cooking, add ingredients for the ganache into a small bowl and stir well.

Remove pancakes from heat and layer with chocolate ganache and peanut butter. Top with remaining sauce and another generous dollop of peanut butter – don’t forget the raspberries, you’ll need something to cut through all that chocolate.




8 thoughts on “Chocolate Fudge Pancakes with Chocolate Sauce.

  1. Those look so good, and I don’t even really like pancakes (I know, weird). Anything with chickpea flour and chocolate sauce makes me happy, though. Do you ever toast your chickpea flour first?

      1. You have to do it for a while but it changes the taste and smell; it also darkens the color. I’ve only tried it once myself and I find it hard to describe the difference, but others have called it nutty/fragrant. It was tasty, not sure it’s always necessary but when you have time for an extra step I recommend trying it.

      2. Yes, it’s nice to be able to lick the spoon! Roasting or toasting the chickpea flour brings back some of the fun. :)

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