Bounty Pancakes with Lucuma Caramel Sauce.



It’s baby month, it’s baby month!!!

My sister Laura is well and truly about to bring a little person into the world. I am so freaking excited – I’m going to elbow the shit out of anyone in my way for first cuddles!

I come from a family of girls, my mum has 4 sisters who are all so close and I have 4 sisters with whom I feel very close too also! Although I don’t get to see my little sisters as much as I would like, when we do get together it is always so much fun.

I am also very close to my two older sisters. There’s an 8 year age gap between Mel and I – we’ve been sharing secrets and swapping advice since I was super little.

Laura and I have a 4 year age gap, at times we have been the best of friends and, at times, we have had some epic fights. Yep, Lausy has pulled me to the ground by my ponytail and I have returned the favour by closing a glass door on her face. More than once.

When we were younger you could always find me following Lau around. I remember when she had her first boyfriend and he was allowed to come over in the school holidays – I thought it was awesome, not only was there another person to show off in front of, it also meant another person to try and win against sprinting on the Playstation.

Laura has always been a solid friend – she would always let me tag along in situations like this, when I am sure, the last thing she wanted to do was occupy her little sister!

She’d always be up for a game of Barbies or Lego once I had BEGGED her enough! I do remember getting to an age though, where the age gap seemed a whole lot bigger. I was probably too old but not ready to let go still young enough to love playing these games and Laura had crossed the line – devastating.

So for a few years, we drifted apart.

Luckily, over the past couple of years there have been a few moments when we have called each other up when we really needed each other. When we needed a different perspective – a different rock. This has definitely helped us rekindle the awesome friendship we shared as children.

It spins me out to think this beautiful woman will be bringing another life into the world in a matter of weeks! Sometimes I still look at Mel and have a giggle. I can’t believe she’s a mum!

Don’t get me wrong – she’s freaking awesome at it… she’s also the first person I got well and truly drunky with!!

The same goes for Lausy. I know she is going to be a fantastic mumma, but holy crap – when did we stop playing Barbies on our bedroom floor and become  responsible enough for stuff like this?!

The bubba is due on May 19 (yep, same day as my run!) and the bets have started – will she have a pink or a blue…

I am putting it out there – I am going PINK!!

Regardless, as long as it’s healthy I know our whole family will be happy. But if I get it right, totally calling first dibs on cuddles!!

Maybe I will even cook these pancakes for you sis. You’ll probably need some solid food after that effort.

Oh my god – the thought of you in labour still freaks me out. You’ll be fine – it won’t even be that bad, I’ve heard it doesn’t even really hurt……………

But in all seriousness, I am so excited to meet the little bubba and I am so proud of you already!

Growing a baby – clever sissy.


Fluffy goodness.

The bits and pieces

2 tbsp coconut flour

1 tbsp cocoa

1 tbsp psyllium husk

4 tbsp almond milk (or milk of choice – coconut would be AMAZE!)

1 tsp organic vanilla extract

1 tsp apple cider vinegar

2 organic free range eggs

1 tsp coconut essence

1/2 tsp baking powder

1/4 C raspberries

Lucuma Caramel

1 tbsp lucuma powder

3 tbsp almond milk

1 tsp psyllium husk


In a small mixing bowl, add milk and apple cider vinegar. Leave sit for 5 minutes.

Add eggs, coconut essence and vanilla to mix and stir well. Add remaining ingredients except for raspberries and mix well. Coconut flour is super absorbent so you may need to add an extra spoonful of milk.

Heat a large frypan on medium-high and add a small amount of oil (I used coconut) for frying. Once oil has melted, dollop 3 tablespoons of pancake mixture into the fry pan. Divide remaining mixture into these 3 pancakes.

Gently place the raspberries on the pancakes, cook pancakes for around 5-6 minutes before flipping.

Coconut flour can be a total b*tch to work with sometimes – so take your time flipping these. If they don’t feel sturdy enough to flip just yet, turn the frypan down a little and let cook for a touch longer before flipping.

Pancakes will need about another 5 minutes on the other side before they are done.

Meanwhile, in a small bowl mix together lucuma and almond milk. Stir until smooth then add the psyllium husk to thicken up the sauce a little.

To serve, spoon out the caramel between pancakes and top with peanut butter and shredded coconut.

If you don’t have lucuma you could always make a healthy ganache –

2 tsp cocoa powder

1 tsp coconut oil

1 tbsp rice malt syrup

1 tsp warm water

Mix together well and serve! Easy peasy!





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