Apple and Raspberry Baked Oatmeal.

Gooey goodness!
Gooey goodness!

Another breakie recipe… I’ll mix it up again soon – I promise! But breakfast is inevitable, so I may as well blog what I’m eating at the moment!

This ooey, gooey baked breakfast is another easy recipe – super filling, delicious and good for you. The perfect way to fuel your morning.

The results from the Oatley Park Fun Run came in – I managed to run the 5K in 21:35 and placed 6th in my age group out of 104 and 14th overall out of 441. Pretty stoked with that! I had a guy running behind me most of the way who was dry heaving at times – yep, it’s possible to find another gear when you’re imagining someone about to spew all over you. Definitely not ideal.

The girl who won ran it in some ridiculously amazing time of 17 minutes. Wowsers!

I’m hoping I haven’t set my expectations too high with trying to get under 45 minutes for the 10K coming up, it’s going to be tough. More than anything I’m worried about getting my pacing right. I can’t go out too hard or I’ll end up dying in the arse but I can’t take it too easy or I’ll be playing catch up the whole time. Any advice would be appreciated!


The bits and pieces

1/2C rolled oats

1 tbsp psyllium husk

1 1/2C liquid of choice (water, milk etc.)

1 organic free-range eggy (omit if vegan)

1/2 green apple, chopped

1/2 banana, mashed

1 tsp organic vanilla extract

1 tbsp rice malt syrup (I don’t put this in – but again, my sweet tooth is lame now!)

1 tsp almond extract (omit if you don’t have this)

2 tbsp raspberries

1 tsp cinnamon

shredded coconut, for garnish


Pre-heat oven to 160ºC and grease 2 ramekins.

In a mixing bowl, combine all of the ingredients except for the raspberries and mix well. Pour into prepared ramekins and top with raspberries and shredded coconut.

Pop in the oven for about 20minutes – remove when golden on top.

Told you it was easy!

Serve with a coffee…




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