Bircher Muesli Smoothie.

I scored a Vitamix off Nate last week as a super amazing anniversary present. So naturally, I have been shoving everything I possibly can into it!

After riding for 5 hours full of hills I got home starving ready to make a huge smoothie when Nate surprised me with the Vitamix – perfect timing.

As the training has really upped lately it’s hard to maintain motivation for every training session. Nate had a great idea to mix things up by theming weeks starting with “Everything different week” to help us keep the motivation up.

Everything different week involved eating different things throughout the day as it’s easy to get into the habit of eating the same stuff weekly For dinner it got us looking at new recipes which was awesome.

The week also involved mixing up training sessions and changing up exercises in the gym.

It was a really refreshing approach and actually quite challenging!

One of the gems that came out of the “different foods” was this Bircher Mueseli Smoothie. Now the credit for this recipe has to go to Nate – he suggested we make a bircher smoothie – best idea!

This recipe serves 2.


The bits and pieces

1 C oats

1 green apple, chopped (skin on)

1 orange, peeled and chopped

5 dried apricots

3 tbsp almonds

4 tbsp natural yoghurt

1 tbsp honey/maple syrup or sultanas

1 tsp cinnamon

lots of ice


Place all ingredients in a blender and blend on high for 1-2 minutes. You may need to add a small amount of milk to get it mixing.

Serve and garnish with almonds.



Enjoy xx Brickie

Mudgee Running Festival Race Recap.

A couple of weekends ago now we set off back to Mudgee and raced in the Mudgee Running Festival. Nate ran the marathon and I ran the half. Initially, I intended to run the full too but unfortunately the jump up in distances meant my tendonitis flared up and I decided to do the half instead.

On Saturday, I set out on a solo 60km ride which was awesome. Mudgee has some great rides and you pretty much have the road to yourself – this meant I got to get down on my aero bars and really go hard.

Sunday morning – Nate and I drove down to Lawson Park (with Taylor Swift pumping) and met up with Mandz and her dad, Greg. I think we were all a bit nervous!

The start was definitely different than I had expected, the announcer yelled “Ok go!” and that was it – we were off!

Off I was – I set a cracking pace of 4:25/km for the first km! I think I was a little excited! I then settled into a nice pace around 4:55/km for the next little while. Within 3km Nate had caught me (typical!) and we set off chatting until I got to the half turn around and he set off on his mammoth marathon effort!

Having so much fun with Nate - about 6km in!

Having so much fun with Nate – about 6km in!


All photos courtesy of BJ’s Mobile Photography Mudgee.

At about the 12km mark I hit the dirt road known as Tinja Lane and a section of rolling hills. I definitely underestimated this section of the course and really had to dig deep to keep the feet ticking over.

Luckily, as we hit tar again it was pretty much a downhill run and then flat into town.

After a couple of wrong turns through Lawson Park (you’d think I’d know where to go in my home town!) I finished in 1:49:13 4th in my age group and 9th girl overall. Happy with that!

Crossing the line in 1:49:13

Crossing the line in 1:49:13

It was a quick turn around as I cheered Mandz and Greg on at the finish and jumped on my bike to meet Nate where the dirt road ends and there’s 5km to go.

I stopped at the final drink station and had a chat with the volunteer – and totally underestimated where Nate would be! He ran past and I quickly fumbled for my helmet said goodbye to my new friend and jumped on the bike to catch him, yes you read that right catch him 36km into his marathon!!

I couldn’t believe it – he was running so well! At about the 40km mark I mentioned that I had bbq chips in my bag for him when he finished, but in all honesty he didn’t even need that encouragement – he was almost finished and he was in awesome spirits!

The best part about this race was getting to share the start and finish with Nate – the small community event allowed me to ride the whole last section with him and quickly ditch my bike and grab some happy snaps as he crossed the line…

…in a stella 3:31:33 and  2nd in his age group and 5th overall!

My hero, finishing in 3:31:33!

My hero, finishing in 3:31:33!

What a legend!

We celebrated with some beers and a delicious lunch at The Brewery!

A successful weekend!

Now onwards and upwards to Port Macquarie 5 weeks and counting…

Protein Balls.

photo 4

I’ve gone to the dark side…

After swearing off protein powder in a previous post I have crossed over into the world of protein powder.

I have TRIED to like protein powder but just found it disgusting and unnecessary. Until now…

Out of curiosity I entered my daily food intake into an app on my phone and realised not only was I not eating enough my protein intake was at a measly 11%. For the amount of training I am now doing this is not good enough!

Nate has been trying to get me to try his protein shakes for a while now and I have always turned my nose up at them or just having “a sip” and admitting they “tasted alright” (they taste better than alright!).

In order to try and eat more, and in particular protein I have added a protein shake (HAHA!) to my post workout meal. I have also been trying to get more protein in creative ways so I don’t have to have so much liquid!

I had a MASSIVE training session on Saturday which included almost 4 hours on the bike and straight into a 5k run, I pulled up really well on Sunday and I honestly believe that protein has played an important part in this recovery.

QUALITY protein powder is a must. I cannot stress this enough. I tried a couple of cheap ones and oh my god they were horrible… sickly sweet and a bit like sand.

Bring on the balls!

photo 1

The Bits and Pieces

4 scoops of chocolate protein powder

1 C shredded coconut

3/4 C oats

1 tsp organic vanilla extract

15 dates

2 tbsp cocao powder

water, as needed

sesame seeds, for coating


In a food processor, process dates until a sticky ball has formed. Add in a small amount of water – I used about 1 tbsp to help make it smooth.

Process coconut in with date mixture for about 2 minutes.

Transfer to a large mixing bowl and add other ingredients except for the water and sesame seeds!

Mix until well combined – adding small amounts of water as needed. BE CAREFUL not too make the mixture too wet or you won’t be able to roll the balls properly. No one likes sloppy balls!

Place sesame seeds in a small bowl.

Once well combined, roll into small balls and place ball in bowl of sesame seeds to coat.

Store these babies in the fridge!



Brickie xx